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Tri Swim

Tri Swim

Tri Swim

The Sport of Triathlon is Growing!

The great appeal of Triathlons is that it has entry points for people of all ages and abilities, whether you want compete solo or in a team, its popularity is growing in South Australia.  

You can set your goal to either complete your first sprint or Olympic distance triathlon, even participate in state or national championships, an Ironman event or to perhaps to gain selection for the age group world championship team. Triathlon is a sport which provides the connections between participation and high performance for all age groups, thereby enabling individuals to achieve whatever level they aspire to. 

The Three Disciplines - Swim, Ride and Run

Three disciplines for triple the fun!  Most people are comfortable and have the ability to ride a bike and run a reasonable distance with regular training. However, the swimming component is often the discipline that most competitors feel is where they lack the knowledge to improve efficiency and confidence in the water.  Norwood Swim School offers specialist Triathlon swimming training sessions to assist triathletes and open water swimmers with their goals.  

Why Choose Us?

Norwood Swim School has been a leader in swimming instruction for over 20 years and continues to offer friendly, positive and focused programs to all ages and abilities.  Our qualified coaches excel swimmers to state, national and international level competition.  Through our program our competitive swimmers have also seen success at local, state and national open water swimming and triathlon titles. In addition, our alliance partner, the Norwood Swimming Club , has for many years been one of the most successful swimming clubs in South Australia.

“Knowing how to swim and swimming well are very different, but an easy mountain to conquer with the right training.” Luke Curtis, Coach

The Focus of Tri Swim

  • For swimmers from 12 years to Adult of all abilities
  • Train with ASCTA accredited coaches with National level and Open Water Swimming experience 
  • Learn to swim with maximum efficiency 
  • To equip you with all the techniques you need for Sprints and Endurance racing
  • Learn skills to cope with mass starts and navigate your swim
  • Swim all year round to maintain fitness and confidence
  • Train with like-minded triathletes and open water swimmers
  • To help you reach your maximum potential
  • Above all, gain the confidence you need to enjoy competitive swimming!