Norwood Swim School

Advanced Strokes Development Program


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Advanced Strokes Development Program Overview

Our Active Training/AUSTSWIM qualified instructors focus on;

  • Continual improvement of stroke technique
  • Introduction of longer distances
  • Introduction of breaststroke and butterfly

The Advanced Strokes Development Program is a skills based program which is not limited by age. We have established four exciting levels in this program to increase the distance your children can swim and their enjoyment.

Correct stroke technique remains paramount but now your child will learn to swim over a greater distance building slowly to develop endurance and speed.

Breaststroke and butterfly drills are introduced with a focus on perfecting technique and preparation for entry into our Junior Squad Levels.

Learning Aims

  1. 75m Freestyle
  2. 75m Backstroke
  3. 75m Breaststroke
  4. 25m Butterfly
  5. Eligibility for Junior Squad Program