Norwood Swim School

Norwood Swim School House

Norwood Swim School House

Norwood Swim School House

Norwood Swim School House builds on the swim school's Learning and Nuturing for Life philosophy by offering additional, exciting programs to it's range of services for families and the general community. 

Better Learning 

Better Learning offer a diverse range of  tutoring services in early learning, primary, secondary and tertiary levels.  Check out their web site HERE to learn more about group or individual sessions, home tutoring and the Learning Lab which offers supervised homework sessions.


Better Movement Studio

Better Movement Studio offer a range of yoga, Pilates and stretch therapy classes for all ages and abilities.  Massage appointments are also available conducted by accreditated therapists.  Check out their website HERE to learn more about their classes and timetables.


Well Girls Physiotherapy

Well Girls Physiotherapy offer services in health coaching, personalised exercise programs and "Heath at Every Size" weight management plus physiotherapy.  Check out their website HERE to find out more!