Norwood Swim School

Development Squads

Development Squads - Langman, Bastian, Cowdrey

Squad Overview

Development squads aim to transition swimmers from Junior Squads through to being a competitive swimmer. These squads develop swimmers to improve their fitness and skill base over each session. Coaches plan sessions with an emphasis on technique across all four strokes.  Our Development Squads are further supported with events such as school holiday Squad Clinics, Super Sprints, Mega Swims and Red & Blue Days; as well as our partnership with the Norwood Swimming Club.

LANGMAN SQUAD: The beginning of our Development Program. This squad begins the transition from the learning of squad skills, to developing these through to more specific training techniques for each stroke.

BASTIAN SQUAD: For swimmers who have reached a good standard and are ready to take the next step in their training to prepare them for compeition. Bastian swimmers have the choice to extend themselves by registering with the Norwood Swim Club for competitive swimming.

COWDREY SQUAD: Our first actively competitive squad.  Swimmers are to regularly compete in internal and external competitions. All Cowdrey Squad swimmers must be registered Norwood Swimming Club members.

Learning Aims

  • Ensuring swimmers are enjoying their swimming
  • Promotion to Senior Squads
  • Correct turns and strokes for all individual and medley transistions
  • Correct dives from pool edge
  • Meet set criteria for freestyle, backstroke and medley strokes
  • Regularly attend at least two training sessions per week
  • Regular and active participation in competitions


Development Squads Testimonials

I have three children who have been involved in competitive swimming for the past four years,  initially with another swimming club here in Adelaide.

In February this year, after some deliberation and having outgrown our old club,  we made the decision to try out at Norwood Swimming Club.  My son decided to give away swimming for his other interests but my daughters,  Lara (11) and Georgina (8 turning 9) decided that they wished to continue with competiton swimming.  We contacted Luke Curtis in search of a Club environment which was Pool Competition focused and which offered my girls more of a team environment with other swimmers of a similar age.  We were also in desperate need of greater attention to technique for all strokes.
I have to say that the move was relatively smooth despite my initial reservations.  Any move can evoke feelings of doubt and we had only ever been at one swimming club,  so as a parent,  I had to trust in my better judgment and ensure that we gave Norwood a chance prior to making a final decision on where to move.

It took my girls one session to decide that Norwood Swimming Club would be our new home!  Georgina started out in Langman Squad with Kate and Sam and Lara in Cowdrey with Luke.  The first thing I noticed was how much harder my children were working each session despite the session times being shorter than those at our old club.  Dry land work was also a revelation and one that my girls both embraced!  The attention to stoke correction for both girls was very necessary and welcomed and it wasn’t long before both of them were looking considerably better in the water.  I also found that all the information I required as a parent was very forthcoming – from Carmel at the front desk to Shannon Caton and Claire Duncan who welcome and assist new families to the swimming club,  I had everything  I needed at hand.

Both girls have now been promoted and I have to say that their love of swimming and competing has grown.  They love the “team” focus and as a parent I have enjoyed the friendships they have formed,  the professionalism of the centre and club as a whole and the friendly nature of both coaches and support staff alike.  No question is too trivial and the fact that there is so much information available is great. The constant stream of events such as the Super Sprints and Mega Swim are a fantastic way of introducing young swimmers to competition and this is quite unique to Norwood.  There is always something being organized or taking place and the positive energy surrounding the whole centre is palpable.

My family are thrilled with Norwood.  We have certainly embraced the Red and Navy and I know that as long as my girls continue to swim we will be proud to call Norwood Swimming Club home!

Francesca Wakeham